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Finding Tests, Measures, and Appraisals: Obtain a Copy of a Test

Assessments, Tests, and Measures

Obtain a Copy of a Psychological Measure

Obtain a Copy of a Psychological Measure

Where can I find the Measure?

Helpful Hints

Sometimes you may need to contact the author a test and ask for a copy of the measure. Remember to explain that you are using this for class.  Make sure you include your name, your professor's name, the name of the class, and Ursuline College in your request to view a measure.


Remember: You can also search the OhioLINK catalog for the name of the Measure.  Some libraries in the state have Test Collections or it is possible that the Measure may be indexed in a book.


You can always ask your friendly Librarian for help too!

Tips for Using PsycINFO in your Search for Instruments

In PsycINFO you can find an article with a copy or a partial copy of the measure by typing the word “appended” after the measure in the Tests and Measures field.



The results will look like this: