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Finding Tests, Measures, and Appraisals: Discover Test: Databases

Assessments, Tests, and Measures

Best Bets- Social Sceince Databases for Finding Measures

Social work encompasses many areas from working with children, adults, veterans, the homeless, the ill and many others.  Below are 3 databases that are best bets for starting your search.  However, you will also find articles in other databases that deal with specific populations, be sure to check out the Additional Resources as well listed below.

Discover a Test in a Dissertation

Words to Remember


There are many words that can be used as synonyms for tests or measures

  • tool
  • assessment
  • review
  • instrument
  • survey
  • measure
  • scale
  • inventory
  • questionnaire
  • checklist
  • diagnosis
  • evaluation
  • measurement
  • observation
  • screening