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Finding Tests, Measures, and Appraisals: Find Test Reviews

Assessments, Tests, and Measures

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How to Find a Review or Reliabilty or Validity data of an Unpublished Psychological Measure

Tips on Using the Classification Code in PycINFO


Reviews with reliability and validity data of Commerically available measures can be found in Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Tips for Reliabilty or Validity

Remember that each entry in Mental Measurements Yearbook will automatically have 2 reviews of the Reliability and Validity Data with each measure that is in the Database.

This Strategy will work in PsycINFO, Cinahl, ERIC, Social Work Abstracts and many other databases.

Line 1: Type the name of the instrument

Line 2: Type: reliability OR validity

reliability or validity example



You can also find reliability and validity data by adding the code 2220 in the Classification code:


image of PsycInfo Reliability search