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AMA (11th ed.) Style Guide: Website

An introductory guide to creating end-of-paper references in accordance with the 11th edition of the AMA Manual of Style (2020).



  • AUTHOR NAME(S) (if any) [period]
  • TITLE OF ITEM (if any) [period]
  • TITLE OF WEBSITE [period]
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION (if any) [period]
  • DATE OF UPDATE (if any) [period]
  • DATE OF ACCESS [period]
  • URL




1 Author

Last name first, followed by first initial and (if given) additional initials. End with a period. No blank space between initials.


Cooper T.
Berben SAA.
Gausche-Hill M.
de la Peña SK.

2 to 6 Authors

Separate multiple authors with a comma. End the list with a period. Do not add the word "and" before the final author name.


Oren E, Kiene SM.

Schanler RJ, Kiechl-Kohlendorfer U, Kim JH.

Rivadeneyra-Posadas JJ, Cubo E, Simón-Vicente L, Garcia-Bustillo Á.

Zhang N, Xiong X, Xu J, Zeng Q, Li J.

Crowder L, Welniak TL, Hoogland AI, Small BJ, Rodriguez Y, Carpenter KM.

7 or More Authors

List only the first three authors. Separate names with a comma. Do not add the word "and" before the final author name. Add a comma and the phrase "et al" after the third author, followed by a period.


Mohammed WS, Al-Makramani BMA, Mehta V, et al.

Williams J, Gustafson M, Bai Y, et al.

Villegas-Aguilar E, Ropero-Padilla C, Martin-Ibañez L, et al.



Capitalize the first letter of the first word of the title. All other words remain fully uncapitalized except for: 1) the first letter of proper nouns; 2) acronyms; 3) other miscellaneous circumstances. Do not enclose the full title in quotation marks. Do not capitalize the first letter of the first word of a subtitle (unless it constitutes an exception).

If no title is given, use the name of the organization that produces the website.


Family cancer syndromes.

Snoopy returns from Artemis I mission.

The intertwining history of NOW and the ERA.

One year since deadly heatwave in Canada, protections still needed.

Spring is here! are you prepared?

Ukraine: apparent cluster munitions hit Kherson.



Capitalize the first letter of major words. Articles, conjunctions, prepositions (3 or fewer letters), and the "to" in infinitives should all remain in lowercase. Do not italicize the title or enclose it in quotations marks.


Committee to Protect Journalists.

Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association.

Social Justice Resource Center.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration.



List the month and day, followed by a comma and the year. Do not abbreviate the month.


May 5, 2021.

October 18, 1996.

February 1, 2007.



Include the word "Updated" followed by the date of last update (month day [comma] year). Do not abbreviate the month.


Updated June 29, 2001.

Updated December 3, 1999.

Updated March 12, 2020.



Include the word "Accessed" followed by the date of access (month day [comma] year) and a period. Do not abbreviate the month. Then add the URL for the website. Do not include a period after the URL.


Accessed April 4, 2019.

Accessed August 8, 2021.

Accessed January 20, 2023.



Mali A. Hope and joy abound after family in Zambia receives goats. World Vision. Accessed March 9, 2019.

Clean air at school. American Lung Association. Updated November 17, 2022. Accessed December 31, 2022.

Schumacher S, Lopes L, Sparks G, Presiado M, Hamel L, Brodie M. KFF health tracking poll December 2022: the public's health care priorities for the new Congress. KFF. December 20, 2022. Accessed January 13, 2023.

Cohen RS, Gentile G. What's the harm in talking to Russia? a lot, actually. RAND Corporation. November 22, 2022. Accessed January 20, 2023.

Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome. Mayo Clinic. March 5, 2022. Accessed October 23, 2022.

Edelman MW. Choices at a table of plenty. Children’s Defense Fund. December 2, 2022. Accessed January 3, 2023.