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Ursuline College Copyright Policy

For Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
Rules Regarding Use of Other Audio Visual Materials
  1. A faculty member may create a series of slides from multiple sources, such as books, magazines etc., as long as the instructor uses the slides in class and she or he does not exceed 10% of all of the photographs in any one source, unless the source specifically prohibits any photographic reproduction.
  1. A faculty member may create a single slide from a single page of a consumable workbook, although he or she may not make multiple photocopies of that same workbook without getting permission or without meeting the “fair use” test.
  1. A faculty member may not duplicate audio recordings unless given reproduction rights; may not reproduce musical works by converting them into another format; or may not reproduce any audiovisual work in its entirety without permission.
  1. Neither faculty members nor the Library staff may convert audio-visual materials into another format without permission of the copyright owner.