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Personal Librarian Program: Meet Your Personal Librarians

Learn about Your Personal Librarian and the PL program.

Meet Your Personal Librarians

Suzanna (Suzy) Schroeder-Green          Picture of Suzy Schroeder-Green

Director and Librarian

Besse Library, Office (1st Floor)

Suzy holds a Master of Library Science degree from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Lourdes University (formerly Lourdes College).  She is the subject specialist for Business, Chemistry, Education, Legal Studies and Math.  Outside of Ursuline, Suzy enjoys running, biking, cooking, and binge watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Picture of Mara ShatatMara Shatat

Reference and Instruction Librarian / College Archivist

Besse Library, Office (1st Floor)

Mara holds a Masters of Library Science degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies from University of Arkansas. She is the subject specialist for Undergraduate Art Therapy, Biology, English, and Historic Preservation. Outside of Ursuline, Mara enjoys riding horses in increasingly perfect circles (a.k.a. dressage), writing young adult books and quirky romantic comedies (yes, really, she does that), and binge-watching Netflix when she should be doing other things (like everyone else).

Tabitha Barr

Reference / Cataloging Librarian

Besse Library, Office (1st Floor)

Tabitha has a Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Art History, and a Masters in Library Science. She is the subject specialist for History, Art, Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Fashion. In her personal time she enjoys reading, taking on increasingly difficult homesteading projects (from making her own kombucha to learning how to construct a quilt), and listening to a wide variety of podcasts while doing those projects.

Picture of Sharon GraviusSharon Gravius

Emerging Technologies Librarian

Besse Library, Office (1st Floor)

Sharon holds a Masters of Library Science degree from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Case Western Reserve University.  She is the subject specialist for Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Ursuline Core.  Outside of Ursuline, Sharon enjoys yoga, kayaking, swimming, and digital scrapbooking. She is anxiously awaiting the next season of Loki.

Craig Gable

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Besse Library, Office (1st Floor)

Craig holds a Master of Library Science degree from the University at Buffalo and a Master of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York College at Brockport. He is the subject specialist for Art, Chemistry, Exercise Science, History, Pre-Law, Math, Philosophy, Physician Assistant Studies, and Religion. Outside of Ursuline, Craig maintains an online database of historical documents relating to the assassination of President William McKinley. He's also helping his cat build a rocket ship. Make an appointment with Craig.

Personal Librarians

2020-2023 Personal Librarians for First-Year and Transfer Students

Students will be placed with the librarian that is the liaison to their major department

If your major is: Your Personal Librarian is:
Art & Design Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Art Therapy, Undergraduate Mara Shatat | Email |Make Appointment
Biology Mara Shatat | Email |Make Appointment
Business Suzy Schroeder | Email | Make Appointment
Chemistry Craig Gable | Email | Make Appointment
English Mara Shatat | Email |Make Appointment
Exercise Science Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Fashion Design Tabitha Barr | Email  | Make Appointment
Historic Preservation Mara Shatat | Email |Make Appointment
History Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Humanities Mara Shatat | Email |Make Appointment
Legal Studies Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Mathematics Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Nursing Tabitha Barr | Email  | Make Appointment
Physician Assistant Craig Gable | Email | Schedule appointment
Psychology Sharon Gravius | Email | Schedule appointment
Religious Studies & Philosophy Craig Gable | Email  | Make Appointment
Social Work Sharon Gravius | Email | Schedule appointment
Sociology Sharon Gravius | Email | Schedule appointment
Ursuline Core Sharon Gravius | Email | Schedule appointment
Undecided Tabitha Barr | Email  | Make Appointment
2019-2020: Personal Librarians for First Year and Transfer Students
If your Last name begins with: Your Personal Librarian is:
A-E Tabitha Barr
F-H Suzanna Schroeder-Green
I-L Craig Gable
M-P Mara Shatat
Q-Z Sharon Gravius