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Personal Librarian Program: Welcome

Learn about Your Personal Librarian and the PL program.

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What is a Personal Librarian?

What is the Personal Librarian program?  

The Personal Librarian Program is designed to save students time and help them succeed academically during their crucial first year in college. Your Personal Librarian is here to help you get the most out of your library experience and is dedicated to help you succeed in your academic career. 

Each Personal Librarian serves as your go-to person for questions related to library resources, services and academic projects. You are also encouraged to contact your Personal Librarian with any questions you have about your research or the library (of course, please feel free to contact any library staff member -- you are not limited to consulting with just your Personal Librarian!) 

Why have a Personal Librarian?

Why have a Personal Librarian?  

  • To keep you informed with periodic email messages throughout the year to let you know about events and programs of interest, like study breaks, workshops, and extended library hours during exam weeks. 
  • To assist you in finding information for research assignments by helping you identify the best resources and formulate effective search strategies. They can also connect students with library specialists in all subject areas.  
  • Offer advice when students don’t know where to start or can’t think of what to do next! 
  • Provide referrals for information about who on campus to contact for other services, such as technology and computer help, writing advice, tutoring, and more.