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Grammarly Tutorial

Reading Error Cards for Grammar

When you open a document in Grammarly, the “general” review is conducted immediately. Errors are shown in a series of “cards” on the screen.* The following image shows the Grammarly screen with the error cards visible:

shows the display of error cards on the Grammarly screen

Expand the card by locating the down arrow next to the error in order to read about the error and how to fix it.

Ignore errors by clicking the "trash bin" icon on an error card.

*Tip: Grammarly will not fix the error for you. You can edit your document on the Grammarly screen, or return to your original file and make corrections.

Interpreting Plagiarism Results

Plagiarism results also show up in the form of “error cards” on the screen when the plagiarism checker is turned on. The following image shows a plagiarism error card:

shows "unoriginal text: 10 words" plagiarism recommendations

Links are provided to show you how to fix the error in APA, Chicago, or MLA style. Grammarly does not make these changes for you.