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Grammarly Tutorial

Installing Grammarly for Microsoft Office

To add Grammarly to Microsoft Office on your PC or laptop:

1. Download the installation wizard from the Grammarly website.

2. Run the installation wizard, as the file should be in your "downloads" folder.

3. Follow the program's installation prompts to finish installing the program.

Grammarly for Word

To use Grammarly as an app in Word:

  1. Go to MyGrammarly
  2. Locate the Apps option on the left menu.
  3. Click "Learn more" beneath each app explanation to locate download instructions.

The following image shows the Grammarly menu opened in Microsoft Word*:

shows the Grammarly toolbar in Microsoft Word

*Tip: Grammarly will not automatically check your work unless you ask it to do so. To run the grammar check:

  1. Choose the “Open Grammarly” option to open the web version OR
  2. Select "Log in" from the Grammarly toolbar.

Grammarly for Web Browsers and Windows

The following image shows the Grammarly option in an open Google email, which is available when you download the browser app:

shows an email with some spelling issues that are underlined by the Grammarly app.

The Grammarly add-on unfolds with three options when you mouse over the errors. You can:

  1. Turn off the error checker.
  2. Open to view the errors found.

If there are no errors, you may see the green Grammarly logo or a green check mark. 

The error cards function just the same as they would inside the Grammarly website.