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Google Like a Scholar: Google

Learn to be a Power Searcher in Google

Why Google?

No one can deny that Google's various search engines are powerful tools for research—but we've all had that experience where we can't find what we want and have no idea how to get the best sources. Whether your searches yield too many results, too few relevant results, or results that might not be the most current scholarship in a discipline, this guide will demonstrate advanced search techniques for navigating different Google products more effectively and efficiently.

How does Google search work?

Google uses a trademarked search technology (PageRank™) algorithm which combines several elements including:

  • Popularity: the number of links to and from that same page
  • Importance: hits and online traffic and functioning of links (do the links work)
  • Proximity: where your search terms are in relation to each other and the number of times they occur in the results

Google Iceberg

Keeping up with Google