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OER and Affordable Learning

This is the site for Ursuline's Affordable Learning and OER (Open Educational Resources) information.

Ursuline Presentation - June 6, 2018

OpenStax webinar- January 2019

Affordable Learning Ohio Summit -August 2, 2018

Open Access OER: Webinars and Recordings

Did you miss the Inclusive Access Webinar Series, exclusive to OhioLINK member institutions? The recordings are ready!

These webinars are an informative overview. Below please find links to recordings for each of the webinars in our series. We’d like to thank the publishers and platform providers for offering their time, perspectives and educational content.

Red Shelf: Getting Inclusive Access Started on Campus As digital programs like inclusive access continue to solidify their presence in the higher education space, the ability to scale programs with efficiency becomes increasingly essential. This session will elaborate on this concept, reviewing the roles critical to set-up this program and the benefits of utilizing an end-to-end platform to power the program. 


McGraw Hill Education: OhioLINK Inclusive Access Office Hours with MHE McGraw Hill Education is here to answer your questions on inclusive access. We will offer a brief overview of IA in the state of Ohio, answer frequently asked questions, provide statistical support for adopting IA on your campus and share how MHE can help you get started. 


Wiley: Higher Education Embraces Affordability An overview of Inclusive Access as a textbook affordability and student success strategy, making the case for IA on your campus, and the required stages and steps to implementation. 


Verba | VitalSource: Start and Scale Inclusive Access  Covers key benefits of Inclusive Access for all stakeholders on campus, provide best practices for starting and scaling your Inclusive Access program, and demonstrate the student, instructor, and Inclusive Access program administrator experience. 


Cengage: Ready on Day One! There is an educational solution that saves money, ensures greater preparedness, streamlines processes and delivers results. A model that empowers faculty to teach without financial limits and equips learners with the resources they need to get all they can out of their courses. Get it all with Inclusive Access where students are ready from day one. 


Pearson: Launching Inclusive Access - Getting Started A discussion on implementing an Inclusive Access program, what it takes to get started and how Pearson can help. Learn who needs to be involved to ensure a smooth transition to delivering your course materials digitally, along with how to get started, best practices for implementing at a course/department level and navigating institutional approvals, bookstore responsibilities, etc.