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EN 219 (UCAP): United States Women Artists: MLA Citation Style

Music, Painting, Sculpture, Acting, Directing and more

MLA Citation Help

How Library Citation Work- MLA Style

MLA Citation Style

MLA Citation Style

What is MLA?

  • MLA is a citation style used to document the sources in your research paper or project.
  • You will cite your sources in text, meaning they appear in parentheses after you have paraphrased or quoted your source.
  • You will also cite your sources in your works cited page at the end of your paper.

Why do I have to cite? 

  • You MUST cite all original work that is not your own. All authors deserve credit for their hard work.
  • Not citing original work is called plagiarism, which can result in failing papers and further academic consequences.

Where can I get help?

  • Talk to your professor about their citation requirements.
  • Set up an appointment with Writing Center.

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