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EN 219 (UCAP): United States Women Artists: Find Journal Articles

Music, Painting, Sculpture, Acting, Directing and more


Journal Articles

First things first: you're looking for literary criticism within journals, not book reviews. A work of literary criticism differs from a book review in that it is typically a more in-depth critique of a work, and it's most often intended for an academic audience.

To find literary criticism, search keywords like the title of the work (Wise Blood), author's name (O'Connor), and themes (religion).

Question: Where Do I Find Journal Articles?!

Answer: Databases! (You will not find journal articles on Google, sad to say...)

Database Basics

  1. Search for your author.
  2. Search for your author's work of interest.
  3. Use the suggested subjects that the database recommends.
  4. Choose source type Academic Journal.
  5. Search MLA International Bibliography and Humanities International Complete at the same time with CHOOSE DATABASES above the search box on the results page
  6. In Literary Reference Center Plus, limit to source type literary criticism.


Databases To Try

Can't Find the Article?

If you know the journal title:

Use our Journal Finder.


If you can't find PDF Full Text:

Look for the Full Text Finder link.


If the article isn't online:

Request it through Article Request.


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