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Why not just Google?

Now that you're in college, it's expected you'll use college-level resources in your research assignments. Google is a great tool, but it only skims the surface of the online and print resources you can access as an Ursuline student. Since our library supports Ursuline's curriculum, we purposefully collect materials that meet faculty standards and satisfy your research needs. And thanks to our library partners, you have access to additional resources at libraries across the state of Ohio and beyond - more than you would at an ivy league school*!


Different types of information (some examples)

Academic books and ebooks examine individual topics in depth and clearly cite sources the authors used to compile information.

Scholarly journals contain articles written by and for scholars in a particular field. The articles describe research methods and findings of individual studies conducted by the authors. Ursuline library subscribes to over 30,000 online journals!

Scholarly encyclopedias and handbooks generally provide an entry point into research. Scholars and experts contribute content to explain essential information about a topic.

Newspapers, news websites, and blogs inform readers by simplifying complex issues and summarizing them for general readers. They can help you understand unfamiliar topics more clearly, but college-level research requires a deeper dive!

Learn more about types of sources here:

*see The Value of OhioLINK brochure