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Exercise Science Research

Searching for articles

URsearch is the library's all-in-one search engine. It looks for your topic across everything that we have access to. It is a good place to start your research, but sometimes you will need to narrow it down to specific databases. The databases will focus on different topics like science, history, agriculture, etc. You can see the full list of our databases and their descriptions here: A to Z Database List.

Exercise Science Databases

Here are some databases that will be particularly helpful for your Exercise Science research: 

Note: If you're having problems with off-campus access to databases, the most common reason is that they don't recognize you as an authorized user. An easy way to fix this problem is to go to the MyUrsuline webpage and log in. Then continue to use that same browser when accessing library resources.

Tips for Searching

Start with one or two keywords, then combine concepts one at a time.  Do not add limiters (date, article type, etc.) until you're sure your keywords are productive.

  • Use AND and OR to combine terms (3-minute video); also consider this basic diagram explaining Boolean search logic
  • To broaden/expand results, consider synonyms: heart OR coronary OR cardiac
  • Use truncation to include variant endings: therap* = therapy OR therapies OR therapeutic
  • Use quotation marks to bind keywords into a phrase like "fetal alcohol syndrome"
  • Use search history or advanced search to review previous searches and combine them to build new ones

Find Full Text


What to Look for in Databases to Find Full Text Articles:

  • PDF Full Text Link.PDF icon
  • Find It! button connects to full text where it resides in another database.  Find it button


What to Do for in Databases When Full Text Isn't Available:

  • Don't see a PDF Full Text link or Find It! button? Submit an Article Request form. We can often provide full-text access right away. If we can't, we will request the article through interlibrary loan (ILL).