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NR 325: Professional Nursing Prac Adults II


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Finding evidence in the Nursing literature

Finding an EBP article means searching for evidence (research studies) in the Nursing literature. 

Google can help you find Nursing research articles, but if you only use Google you are missing an important step!

Google finds articles all over the Internet randomly using a search algorithm based on popularity and common search terms. There is no one checking to see if articles are scholarly, or if the journals are authoritative Nursing sources. Nursing databases like CINAHL are comprehensive indexes of the Nursing literature.  This means they provide access to information about EVERY article in EVERY scholarly and professional Nursing journal. 

In other words, Google makes the easy part easier. But Nursing databases make the hard part easier!

Click on the CINAHL tab in this guide for search tips that will help you find the kinds of articles your instructor wants you to find!

And remember: Ursuline librarians are database navigation EXPERTS!  Schedule an appointment with Tabitha Barr for one-on-one research help!