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New Books and Other Good Stuff at the Library: Selected Books (2022)

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Popular Fiction

Popular Books from CCPL

Besse Library has partnered with the Cuyahoga County Public Library to bring you a rotating collection of popular fiction and nonfiction. The collection is located on a cart near the Circulation Desk. 

CCPL Popular Fiction Book Spines

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Selected Books at the Library (Published in 2022)

Queens and Prophets

DS 204 .E43 2022 (2nd floor)

Civil Rights Queen

KF 373 .M68 B76 2022 (2nd floor)

Mathematical Intelligence

BF 456 .N7 M8 2022 (2nd floor)

Proving Ground

QA 76.2 .A2 K56 2022 (2nd floor)

Anxious Eaters

GT 2855 .C47 2022 (2nd floor)

When the church Woke

BX 8382.2 .Z5 .L39 2022 (2nd floor)

Everyday Adventures with Unruly Data

HM 851 .F45 2022 (2nd floor)

You've Been Played

HM 661 .H66 2022 (2nd floor)

Making Black Girls Count in Math Education

LC 2731 .J67 2022 (2nd floor)

A Time of One's Own

N 72 .F45 G74 2022

Reader's Block

QP 399 .R83 2022 (2nd floor)

On Critical Race Theory

HT 1521 .R4284 2022 (2nd floor)

Indigenous Religious Traditions in 5 Minutes

BL 380 .I57 2022 (2nd floor)

Solito: A Memoir

PS 3626 .A62786 Z46 2022 (2nd floor)

Half American

D 810 .B53 D45 2022 (Anisfield-Wolf Display)

The Hospital

RA 445 .A4418 2022 (2nd floor)

Return to the Parish

BV 4011.3 .R478 2022 (2nd floor)

Punch Me Up to the Gods

E 185.97 .B84 A3 2022 (2nd floor)

Essential Supreme Court Decisions

KF 4547.4 .V55 2022 (2nd floor)

PS 3610 .O6279 A79 2022 (Anisfield-Wolf Display)

Status and Culture

 HM 821 .M379 2022 (2nd floor)

In Defense of Witches

HQ 1122 .C54713 2022 (2nd floor)

Comics and the Origins of Manga

PN 6790 .J3 E96 2022 (2nd floor)

Black Campus Life

LC 2781.7 .T53 2021 (2nd floor)

The Authority Gap

HQ 1237 .S54 2022 (2nd floor)

Worn: A People's History of Clothing

PN 2067 .M64 2022 (2nd floor)

GT 511 .T53 2022 (2nd floor)


QB 755 .B74 2022 (2nd floor)

Taste Makers

TX 649 .A1 S46 2022 (2nd floor)

The Library of the Fture

Z 675 .U5 C258 2022 (2nd floor)

Off with Her Head

HQ 1121 .H47 2022 (2nd floor)

Fire and Flood

QC 903 .L585 2022 (2nd floor)

Shine Bright

ML 82 .S615 S55 2022 (2nd floor)

Legacy of Violence

JV 1062 .E55 2022 (2nd floor)

Who's Black and Why?

GN 27 .C38 2022 (2nd floor)

Good Time Girls of Nevada and Utah

HQ 145 .W47 C65 2022 (2nd floor)

Fight like Hell

HD 8066 .K45 2022 (2nd floor)

Woman: The American History of an Idea

HQ 1410 .F33 2022 (2nd floor)

The Mindful Classroom

LC 1099 .L49 2022 (2nd floor)

It Was Vulgar and It Was Beautiful

RA 643 .75 .L69 2022 (2nd floor)

African Founders

E 185 .F485 2022 (2nd floor)

The Anatomy of Speed

HE 7551 .N495 2021 (2nd floor)

Bitch: On the Female of the Species

QL 775 .C66 2022 (2nd floor)

The Brilliant Abyss

GC 21 .S33 2022 (2nd floor)

A Graphic Guide to Art Therapy

RC 489 .A7 H8983 2022 (2nd floor)

Like, Comment, Subscribe

HD 9696.8 .U64 Y6834 2022 (2nd floor)

In the Shadow of the Gods

D 107 .L54 2022 (2nd floor)

Simply Notetaking and Speedwriting

LB 2395.25 .C53 2022 (2nd floor)

Uncontrollable Women

HQ 1236.5 .E85 S676 2022 (2nd floor)

The Psychology of the Selfie

HM 1066 .G86 2022 (2nd floor)

Fallen Idols

NX 180 .S6 V65 2022 (2nd floor)

Redefining Geek

T 65.3 .P83 2022 (2nd floor)

The Japanese Myths

BL 2203 .F79 2022 (2nd floor)

Retail Inequality

HD 9000.5 .K588 2022 (2nd floor)

Battles in the Trenches

LB 2806 .R439 2022 (2nd floor)

You Have Not Yet Been Defeated

DT 107.828 .A366 A5 2022 (2nd floor)

How to Be a Woman Online

HQ 1178 .J35 2022 (2nd floor)

AI and Ed

LB 1028.43 .G64 2022 (2nd floor)

Climate Change in Human History

QC 903 .L52 2022 (2nd floor)

Skirts: Fashioning Modern Femininity in the Twentieth Century

GT 2065 .C57 2022 (2nd floor)

Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice

RT 42 .P56 2022 (2nd floor)

Hotbed: Bohemian Greenwich Village and the Secret Club That Sparked Modern Feminism

HQ 1906 .N5 S39 2022 (2nd floor)

The Quiet Before

HM 883 .B43 2022 (2nd floor)

The Young Entrepreneur

HD 62.5 .G673 2022 (2nd floor)

The Rise of Corporate Feminism

HD 6073 .M392 U5236 2022 (2nd floor)

Race at the Top

LC 225.3 .W366 2022 (2nd floor)

Sentient: How Animals Illuminate the Wonder of our Human Senses

QL 945 .H54 2021 (2nd floor)

Geek Girls

HD 6073 .C65222 U589 2022 (2nd floor)

You've Changed

PR 9430.9 .P93 A6 2022  (2nd floor)

The Storm Is Here: An American Crucible

E 912 .M64 2022 (2nd floor)

Comic Book Women

PN 6725 .B78 2022 (2nd floor)

Gentrification is Inevitable and Other Lies

HT 175 .K47 2022 (2nd floor)

Equal Partners

HQ 1237 .M26 2022 (2nd floor)

The Sewing Girl's Tale

KF 223 .B43 S94 2022 (2nd floor)

Monumental Lies

NA 9345 .B48 2022 (2nd floor)

A Herstory of Economics

HB 75 .K745 2022 (2nd floor)

Entry Lessons

HV 9275 .L43 2022 (2nd floor)

Fiction at the Library (Published in 2022)


Library Fiction of 2022



The Family Chao / Lan Samantha Chang (2022)
PS 3553 .H2724 F36 2022 (Anisfield-Wolf Display)


Daughter of the Moon Goddess / Sue Lynn Tan (2022)
PR 9450.9 .T37 D38 2022


The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea / Axie Oh (2022)*
PS 3615 .H1 G57 2022


A Mirror Mended / Alix E. Harrow (2022)
PS 3608 .A783854 M57 2022


Kaikeyi / Vaishnavi Patel (2022)
PS 3616 .A86673 K35 2022


Babel: Or the Necessity of Violence: An Arcane History of the Oxford Translators' Revolution / R. F. Kuang (2022)
PS 3611 .U17 B33 2022b


Darling Girl: A Novel of Peter Pan / Liz Michalski (2022)
PS 3613 .I3447 D37 2022


Hotel Magnifique / Emily J. Taylor (2022)*
PZ 7.1 .T3849 Ho 2022


Small Angels / Lauren Owen (2022)
PR 6115 .W463 S63 2022



* Denotes books classified as young adult fiction.