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Material Culture

A guide for historical study of the relationship between people and their things



in Material Cultures Studies in America (1982) -- E169.1 .M416 1982

  • "The Use of Objects in Historical Research" by John T. Schlebecker (pp. 106-13)
  • "Culture, History, and Artifact" by Steven M. Beckow (pp. 114-23)
  • "The Connoisseurship of Artifacts" by Charles F. Montgomery (pp. 143-52)
  • "Artifact Study: A Proposed Model" by E. McClung Fleming (pp. 162-73)
  • "Axioms for Reading the Landscape: Some Guides to the American Scene" by Peirce F. Lewis (pp. 174-82)

in Material Cultures Studies in America (1984) -- E169.1 .M416 1984

This book includes all of the essays listed above plus the following:

  • "Material Culture Studies in America, 1876-1976" by Thomas J. Schlereth (pp. 1-75)

in Material Cultures: A Research Guide (1985) -- E161 .M35 1988

  • "Material Culture and Cultural Research" by Thomas J. Schlereth (pp. 1-34)

in Material Life in America, 1600-1860 (1988) -- E161 .M36 1988

  • "Mind in Matter: An Introduction to Material Culture Theory and Method" by Jules David Prown (pp. 17-37)

in Cultural History and Material Culture (1992) -- E161 .S24 1992

  • "History Museums and Material Culture" by Thomas J. Schlereth (pp. 377-415)

in History from Things: Essays on Material Culture (1993) -- CC77 .H5 H59 1993

  • "The Truth of Material Culture: History or Fiction?" by Jules David Prown (pp. 1-19)
  • "Why We Need Things" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pp. 20-29)
  • "Objects as Instruments, Objects as Signs" by Jacques Maquet (pp. 30-40)
  • "Some Matters of Substance" by Robert Friedel (pp. 41-50)
  • "The Interpretation of Artifacts in the History of Technology" by Robert B. Gordon (pp. 74-93)

in Artifacts and the American Past (1996) -- E161 .S238 1996

  • "Above-Ground Archaeology: Discovering a Community's History Through Local Artifacts" by Thomas J. Schlereth (pp. 184-203)

in Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (1996) -- Ref GN307 .E52 1996 v3

  • "Material Culture" by Nancy J. Parezo (vol. 3, pp. 747-52)

in Learning from Things: Method and Theory . . . (1996) -- GN406 .L43 1996

  • "Learning from Technological Things" by Steven Lubar (pp. 31-34)

in History and Material Culture: A Student's Guide . . . (2009) -- GN406 .H58 2009

  • "Things That Shape History: Material Culture and Historical Narratives" by Giorgio Riello (pp. 24-46)
  • "Object Biographies: From Production to Consumption" by Karin Dannehl (pp. 123-38)



  • History and Material Culture: A Student's Guide to Approaching Alternative Sources edited by Karen Harvey (2009) -- GN406 .H58 2009 [2 copies]
  • History Through Material Culture by Leonie Hannan and Sarah Longair (2017) -- D13 .H295 2017
  • Writing Material Culture History edited by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello (2nd ed., 2021) -- GN406 .W74 2021