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EDB 510: Intro to Human Development and Learning

Discovering Academic Journal Articles

The work of educational theorists can be covered throughout many databases. The recommended databases, listed below, are recommended for students conducting research in the subject area of education. For this assignment it is recommended students use URsearch found at the top of the library's homepage. URsearch will perform a search across all the resources available through the library.

Narrow your search by applying limiters/filters such as:

Source type: Academic Journals

Date of publication: (There have been many changes in education within the past 5-10 years. Be sure you are getting the most recent application of a theorists work)

Peer reviewed articles: These have been reviewed by scholars and are preferred in higher education. Use a peer reviewed journal article when possible.

Subject: Limit articles to the subject areas within the list provided.

Adding additional keywords will also narrow your search results. Use the AND operator to require all search terms to be present in the record.

Core Education Databases

Core Education Databases

The library has developed a list the following core list of databases for locating journal articles for educational topics. These are the first databases you want to explore when looking for research on your topic.