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CAT 501: History & Theory of Art Therapy

Finding Biography Information on Art Therapy Pioneers

Resources to Review for Biography Information

What are some places you can find details to build a biography on your Pioneer of Art Therapy?

  • URSearch- Search across many library resources at once for your Pioneer.  Look for their writings and materials about them.
  • Catalog and OhioLINK catalog- search your pioneer as a subject search
    • Try a Subject search of your Pioneer in both the catalog and URSearch. A subject search means the materials returned have to be about that person.- see this example
  • Forewards in Books- Read the forewards of any books they have written.  These are often written by the author and explain what he/she was working or or thinking about in their life when the book was written.  The Foreword may also be written by a good friend of the Pioneer and contain details of their live.
  • Podcasts- Look for a podcast where the Pioneer was the guest speaker.
  • Vita- Look for the Pioneer's Vita. A vita is a long elaborate resume that details conferences, books, book chapters, seminars and more that the Pioneer has written or participated in.
  • Writing in College Publications- Find out where the Pioneer was educated.  That university may have featured them in an alumni magazine or while they were a professor at that institution.
  • Video Recordings- Look at the library's streaming video collection and see if the Pioneer is featured.  Also look at YouTube to see if the Pioneer was interviewed by another authentic source.
  • Duck Duck Go- Try using a different search engine other then Google. Duck Duck Go has been successful in finding pages that Google did not.