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EN 329 American Author in Historical Context: Find Journal Articles

Can't Find the Article?

If you know the journal title:

Use our Journal Finder.


If you can't find PDF Full Text:

Look for the Full Text Finder link and follow where it goes.


If you can't find the article online:

Request it through Article Request.



Journal Articles

The assignment requires research on several different areas: an author’s biography, the historical context of when and where they lived, an analysis the literature of this author.
Literary criticism tends to be more academic, longer, and may be about a single work or an author's works as a whole. 
To find literary criticism, search keywords like the title of the work (The Awakening), author's name (Chopin), and themes (masculinity).
Book reviews tend to be found for more current works (so it helps to know when a book was published) and are generally shorter. They identify major topics, arguments, and biases, and whether the author is successful in these.  

Question: Where Do I Find Journal Articles?!

Answer: Databases! (You will not find journal articles on Google, sad to say...)

Database Basics

  1. Search for your author.
  2. Search for your author's work of interest.
  3. Use the suggested subjects that the database recommends.
  4. In nearly every database you will use, there will be a column (usually on the left-hand side) that you can use to narrow down your results. 

Tips and Tricks for Easier Searching:

Databases To Try