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Physician Assistant Research Resources

AMA Manual of Style (11th ed. / 2020)

The AMA Manual of Style is available both in online and hard copy editions.

The hard copy edition is located in the Reserve Collection at the library's front desk. It is available for in-library use only.

Chapter 3 (pp. 59-111) is devoted to formatting end-of-paper references.

Need Help with AMA Style?

If you need help with using AMA style, feel free to contact Craig Gable or any of the other UC librarians. We're here to serve you.




Zotero is free downloadable citation management software that enables you to save citations and generate reference lists. See the video below for an 8-minute introduction.

Zotero Video Tutorial

Generating Citations in Databases


Generating Citations in Databases

The EBSCO research databases--including CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PsycINFO--all include a built-in citation generation feature that enables you create citations according to AMA style. Once you've executed a search in a database and you're in a record for an article, look in the right-hand column for this linked image 

Be aware, however, that these database-generated citations usually include errors. So it is incumbent upon you to correct them. Here, for instance, are a four citations generated by EBSCO databases--all of which contain formatting errors:

Loftin SM. Child-centered play therapy and chronic illness with outcome data: A retrospective case study. International Journal of Play Therapy. 2022;31(3):174-183. doi:10.1037/pla0000177 [errors in formatting article title and journal title]

Cantrell FL. Look what I found! Poison hunting on eBay. Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa). 2005;43(5):375-379. doi:10.1081/clt-200066073 [errors in formatting article title and journal title]

SAHOO S, SACHDEVA D, YUMNAM S, SHAH R, MEHRA A, GROVER S. Play Therapy via Telemedicine in a Child with Sudden-onset Emotional Disorder During the COVID-19 Lockdown Period: A Case Report. Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. 2022;19(10-12):40-42. Accessed January 10, 2023. [errors in formatting author names, article title, and journal title]

Antle J m., Capalbo SM. Pesticides, productivity, and farmer health: Implications for regulatory policy and agricultural.. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 1994;76(3):598. doi:10.2307/1243671 [errors in formatting author names, article title, and journal title]