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Where Can I Find Images?

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What is Artstor?

Artstor is a digital image library with over 2 million images from 300 of the world's leading museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists.

Why should I use Artstor to find images?
  • Images are high-resolution.
  • You can download high-quality image details by zooming into the image.
  • Easily browse images by keyword, date, geography and/or classification.
  • Images are cleared for educational use.
  • Artstor automatically generates citations for images.
How do I use Artstor?

Using Artstor is a great webpage to learn how to use Artstor!

Royal (Regency) Pavilion, Brighton, 1815-1818 Pilgrims praying at the shrine of St. Thomas a Beckett; detail of roundel from “Miracle Window” in the south aisle opposite Trinity Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral, early 13th century 

Villa Rotonda (Villa Almerico-Capra), near Vicenza: exterior, view from NW., ca. 1566-1569 Cross of Muiredach, Monasterboice: West face, ca. 923 

Temple of Poseidon (Temple of Hera II): view from SE., ca. 460 B.C. Parthenon: E. pediment: [Figs. K, L, M] Three Goddesses (Hestia, Dione, Aphrodite?), ca. 438-432 B.C.