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PubMed Workshop

This guide was created to accompany a library research workshop offered via Zoom in March 2021.

Build Searches

Because of PubMed's Best Match search algorithm and Automatic Term Mapping feature, you shouldn't need to use Advanced Search to build complex searches. However, the option is available just in case!

Search by one or more fields

  • Search by Author name to disambiguate names that are also common keywords like Field.
  • Find articles from a specific journal, even if you aren't sure of the exact journal name.
  • Add to your search by clicking Add, then run the search by clicking Search to the right of the Query box.

History and Search Details

  • Keeps track of searches you've run and allows you to jump back to review prior search result lists.
  • Search history expires after 8 hours of inactivity.
  • Details arrow shows how PubMed interpreted your search using Automatic Term Mapping.
  • Build new searches by combining results from your history:
    1. Click the three dots in the Actions column next to one of your searches and select Add query
    2. Click the three dots next to another search and select Add with AND or Add with OR
    3. Click the Search button next to the Query box.
    4. This new search will be added to your search history.