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AR 250: Women in the Arts

Find Articles


Keywords Magnifying Glass

Journal articles answer a very specific question, very thoroughly. Because of this, the keywords you use to search for articles can be more specific than the keywords you use to search for books. Limit your search to a few keywords for best results.

Try searching for the:

  • Artist's Name (i.e. "Frida Kahlo")
  • Artwork Title (i.e. "Mona Lisa")
  • Art Movement (i.e. Impressionism)

If I'm looking for articles describing the human body in Michelangelo's art, some complex keyword searches I can try are:

  • Michelangelo AND (anatomy OR body)
  • "Italian Renaissance" AND anatomy
  • "Sistine Chapel" AND figur*


Search for Articles

Try searching in one of the databases below! Use one or two keywords for best results. 


Apply Limiters

To narrow down your search results, try using the following limiters:

  • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • English Language
  • Full Text

Find Full Text

Find the Full Text

When you're going through your search results, there are a few ways to find the full-text of an article:

PDF Icon

Click on the PDF Full Text link.

Find it button

Click on the Find it! button to find the article through another resource.

Journal Finder

Don't see a PDF Full Text link or Find it! button? Try searching for the journal title (i.e. American Journal of Nursing) in Journal Finder.

Article Request

Still can't find the full-text?! Submit an Article Request form. Please note that it may take several days to process your request!


Article Citations

Creating citations for articles is easy! The database does most of the work for you!

Follow these steps to find the citation for an article in the database:

  1. From your Search Results List, click on the article title. This will open up a detailed record view of the article.
  2. Look for Tools over on the right side of the page.
  3. Under Tools, click on Cite. The button looks like this:Cite Button
  4. A list of Citation Formats should open up. Scroll down to the citation style of your choice.
  5. Copy & paste the citation into your list of references.
  6. Check for errors! Always make sure your citation is formatted correctly.

For more information on Citations, check out this page!