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Art and Art History: Find Media

This guide provides resources on the subjects of Art and Art History.

Find Media

Keywords Magnifying Glass

When looking for books, use broad keywords to get more results! Try searching for the:

  • Art Movement (i.e. Impressionism)
  • Time Period (i.e. 18th-Century Art)
  • Geographic Location (i.e. Italy Art)

If I'm looking for books on Andy Warhol, some keyword searches I may try in the catalog are:

  • Andy Warhol
  • "Pop Art"
  • "Modern Art"
  • (Twentieth OR 20th) Century Art
  • American Art
Search Tips: 
  • Use an asterisk * to find word variants (ex: paint* = paints, painting, painter)
  • Put your keywords in quotes to search for an exact phrase (ex: "Pop art")

Evideo Databases

The databases listed below provide access to our electronic video collections. Browse by keyword, subject or discipline.

Search for DVDs & VHS in the Library

Search Tips:
  • Search one to two keywords for best results.

Search for Evideos

Search Tips:
  • Search one to two keywords for best results.
  • Evideos can be accessed anywhere!
  • Evideos provide written transcripts, so you can quickly find what you're looking for within the video's narrative.


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