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EXS Exercise Science Research

Database search tips

  • Start with one or two productive keywords, then add limiters and additional keywords (if needed)
  • Limiters (down the left side of your search result list; click show more under the date slider for more options):
    • Published date: adjust range to limit to preferred date range
    • Peer Reviewed
    • English language
    • Full Text (limits to full text content available at Ursuline)
  • Do not overuse limiters! Sometimes they don't do what you think they will do. Experiment with limiters, but don't rely on them too heavily.

Bonus tips:

  • Use truncation to include variant endings: cardio* = cardiopulmonary OR cardiovascular OR cardiometabolic
  • Use quotation marks to bind keywords into a phrase like "gluten free"
  • Lots of results? Try adding the keyword random* to find primary research studies using random sampling or control groups