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FYS Library Challenge

Mission #2: Say Hello to your Personal Librarian

Every First Year student has a Personal Librarian who is there to help you get the most out of your library experience and is dedicated to helping you succeed in your academic career.  To complete this mission, all you need to do is to find yours and say "hello".  Here's how:

  • Part 1: Find the name of the librarian assigned to you and note it in the space for Mission 2 in your challenge booklet. (Hint, Look at Mission 1 for a list).
  • Part 2: Introduce yourself in person and have your librarian sign and stamp the appropriate space in your challenge passport


Mission Assignment: Please schedule a 15 minute appointment with your PL and select a time to meet in the library.  You can view their available times in the Meet with a Librarian link under Get Library Help on this page.  You will also find this link on the library website under "Ask a Librarian"


Each subject area has its own librarian as well.  No matter what course or assignment you're working on, you've got a specialist librarian who will be there to help.